NPLF Borrower: They Had Done Their Homework

Open Doors

Board approval, check. Engineering plans, check. Capital Campaign, check. Loan arranged, check…until, through no fault of Open Doors Community School, the loan fell through. At the suggestion of a school board member, Open Doors Principal Mary Franco called the Nonprofit Loan Fund of Tucson and Southern Arizona. “We were ready, and NPLF threw us a… Read more »

NPLF Opens Search for New Executive Director

This is an opportunity for an entrepreneurial professional to develop the Nonprofit Loan Fund of Tucson and Southern Arizona—a small but growing Certified Development Financial Institution (CDFI)—into an economic development powerhouse. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, we are in the process of transforming both our organization and the region. NPLF is becoming a catalyst for attracting… Read more »

NPLF Borrower: It was a Calculated Risk

David Ivers and Billy Russo

Arizona Theatre Company Managing Director Billy Russo wanted the 50th anniversary to invigorate and draw the community to the theatre. They took a chance and produced the big musical “Fiddler on the Roof” with 26 paid actors—more actors than had performed in the entire previous season. They also incurred the orchestra and choreography expenses that… Read more »

NPLF Borrower: Get Your Fix Off Route 86

Ajo Plaza

Take Route 86 west from Tucson for 124 miles and you’ll come to a fork in the road. Turn left for Rocky Point, Mexico. Turn right for Ajo, Arizona. For many years, it didn’t occur to very many travelers from Tucson to turn right. That’s not the case anymore and it’s not just because of… Read more »

NPLF Investor: Doing Well by Doing Good

Beacon Group

Many people with disabilities are unemployed, and many of them want to work. In the past year, Beacon Group provided 1,600 people with the support they needed to successfully join the labor force. To keep Beacon workers engaged, this local nonprofit provided business solutions for thousands of nonprofit and for-profit Beacon customers. “We are an… Read more »

NPLF Investor: CFSA Invests for Impact

When making a difference in a new way is important to you, knock on the door of a community foundation. That’s what Helaine Levy did when she wanted nonprofits in Southern Arizona to have access to loan capital that would increase their impact in our community. Helaine and Clint Mabie, the President and CEO of… Read more »

NPLF Director, Three Borrowers to Present at AFP Oct. 13

Maura Grogan

Financially Robust Nonprofits: How Successful Organizations are Diversifying Resources. In today’s market, nonprofit organizations are looking for ways to diversify revenue, understanding the connection between unearned (donated) and earned revenue.  But the truly successful nonprofits also understand the role that borrowing (debt) can play in managing for financial strength.  In this session, you will learn how… Read more »

NPLF Investor: Fast Action Leads to Creative Gift

Curtis Thornhill

The call came to the Nonprofit Loan Fund from a supporter in mid-December 2016. It was an unusual transaction and it had to close by year end for tax purposes. Curtis Thornhill, a philanthropist from Utah with roots in Tucson, was making a significant contribution to the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, giving half in cash… Read more »

NPLF Receives Coveted CDFI Certification

The U.S. Department of the Treasury recently recognized the Nonprofit Loan Fund of Tucson and Southern Arizona (NPLF), a Supporting Organization of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA), as a Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). With this certification, NPLF joins more than 500 nonprofit CDFI loan funds across the country committed to providing… Read more »

NPLF Borrower: Learning & Growing in the Heart of Downtown

When you take a walk in downtown Tucson with Carrie Brennan, you’re likely to stop often and talk to people she either knows or is interested in meeting: students, parents, teachers, and cultural, business and government professionals who are part of the fabric of this blossoming city center. Carrie was the founding principal of the… Read more »